POW Benefits

What are the benefits?

The purposes and benefits of POW are the following:

  1. Introduce open water swimming to those who are uncomfortable in the ocean, lakes and rivers
  2. Introduce the tactics, training and techniques of the open water swimming
  3. Inspire athletes to redefine their possibilities
  4. Engage, entertain and educate individuals about the sport of open water swimming and triathlons


POW provides numerous benefits and excellent training for the rigors of open water swimming and triathlons. POW enables you to learn the following:

  • Swim without lane lines
  • Swim without following the black lines on the bottom of the pool
  • Swim in a pack of swimmers in all positions: lead, middle, back, left and right
  • Execute quick turns around buoys in traffic, both left- and right-shoulder turns
  • Swim without pushing off the walls
  • Competitive open water racing tactics, including defensive and offensive maneuvers
  • Positioning in a dynamic environment
  • Drafting in various positions
  • Dealing with physical contact
  • Sprinting to the finish in a pack



Kester Edwards, former board director of Special Olympics International, “It is a great way to be introduced to open water swimming.”



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