POW Benefits

What are the benefits?

The purposes and benefits of POW are the following:

  1. Introduce open water swimming to those who are uncomfortable in the ocean, lakes and rivers
  2. Introduce the tactics, training and techniques of the open water swimming
  3. Inspire athletes to redefine their possibilities
  4. Engage, entertain and educate individuals about the sport of open water swimming and triathlons
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POW Equipment

Pool Equipment (Recommendation)

  • 4 Easy-to-Inflate 36 – 48” marine buoys with an anchor system
  • POW Swim Caps
  • Red and Yellow Cards (8.5” x 11” or A4 laminated colored paper)
  • Referee’s Whistle
  • Air Horn
  • Timing System or 2 Stop Watches
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What is POW?
POW or Pool Open Water is an easy-to-implement, enjoyable introduction to open water swimming. POW replicates open water swimming in the safe and familiar environment of a pool. Swimming without lane lines around the perimeter of a pool in rough water conditions ultimately leads to increased confidence in and knowledge of open water swimming for swimmers, triathletes, coaches and officials.

Even if you train far from an open body of water swimming venue or it is in the middle of winter, athletes and coaches can conveniently prepare for open water races and triathlons in a pool of any size.

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